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How to play online backgammon like a professional?

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Backgammon is one of the world’s oldest games, and traces its origins to Ancient Persia. It was played by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and Sumerians as well, long before the advent of the internet and online backgammon games.

Online backgammon boards are no different than the boards the ancient Persians used thousands of years ago. Backgammon is a two player game played on a board with 24 points, or narrow triangles, that alternate in color and are grouped into 4 quadrants of six triangles. One quadrant is the player’s home board, the next is the outer board, and the other quadrants are the opponent’s outer board and home board. In the middle of the home and outer bars is the bar.

Using two six-sided dice that are randomly generated in online backgammon, players move their 15 checkers to the other die of the board and off. The first one to do it, wins.

Online backgammon is a good alternative for players who have no interest in tradional casino games and battling with the house edge. Backgammon has always been a gambling game, and as such is becoming more popular now, with the advent of online casinos.

Online backgammon can be fun, especially when you win. Although there is an element of luck in backgammon, there is more skill than the untrained player might think. If you’re going to take on Internet backgammon, remember these basic strategy tips.

Mind Your Home Board

Many times a backgammon player can come back from being way behind if hitting an opponent’s exposed checker. This will be most effective if the player’s home board is arranged so that the opponent will have a hard time getting his checker off the bar and escaping back into the field of play.

Hold Strategic Points

The most important points to hold in backgammon are the 4th, 5th and 7th (the bar point). Your goal in the early stages should be to establish outposts for your checkers on these points before your opponent is able to do so.

Strategic Blot Exposure

If you have to leave a blot, try to leave it where the fewest possible dice combinations will allow your opponent to hit it. This rule may be in some cases be superseded by the location of the blot. An exposed blot close to home is much worse than one in your opponent’s home board.

Use the Cube

When playing for real stakes, don’t forget the doubling cube. It can be a valuable strategic asset when used correctly.

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